Practice schedule

Extreme and Bellagio

I’m going to host practice at Happy Rock on these nights. ¬†These are not mandatory practices.

Practice Schedule

Thursday June 25th (tonight) 7pm

Tuesday June 30th 7pm

Thursday July 2nd 7pm


Bellagio and Extreme Roster for 2015-16

Bellagio Extreme
Alexandra L. Alter Bailey Belogna
Emma Anielak Katie Black
Bayley Bartow Kate Eischens
Lia Fricke Kelbey Emerson
Angela Fuentes Emma Hogland
Cierra Goe Megan Homoly
Emily Goldsbury Tara Jones
Hanna Hall Elyse Kelly
Tori Hascall Abigail Logan
Kaylyn Hathaway Alexis Mutzbauer
April Jackson Annie Price
Haylie Jerome Jami Rance
Ivory Lawless Sydney Scholl
Sarah Myers Hailey Smith
Marquese Oder Hannah Smith
Allison Ray Miriam Solorio
Kaylee Slaughter Emily Wilson