History of PHPFPE – What’s the meaning?

About 12 years ago I had a pretty good group of U4 girls and I was thinking of a chant they could say during the games.  I’m a simple man, and wanted the chant to be simple and quick as well.  However I couldn’t come up with much as my cheerleading skills weren’t up to par.

The USWNT had just played a game on National Television, and the camera was placed on the women during the pregame huddle.  Mia Hamm (in her last year), Brandy Chastain, and the rest got together in the huddle and said, “Play Hard!”  That was it!  Nothing more!

I then took that quote and ran with it.  I added, play fast after it.  Come to find out the USWNT also said play hard play fast too.  So, I basically took this from the USWNT.  A good coach takes what works for them and uses it.  This is an example.

A few years later, Extreme Soccer Club was spawned (2007).  This was when the I added the play extreme to the end.  Yes, simple!  “Play hard, play fast, play extreme!”  It stuck and we have used it for years.  Now that Extreme Soccer Club is no more we still use it.  For my other teams we say, “Play hard, Play fast”.  Maybe we should add play together!

-Coach Bisoni